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Parental permission

Classes with over 18s

All students are placed in classes with those of a similar age and English level to enable them to get the most out of their time at ETC. We mix the nationalities of students in our classes in order to encourage students to speak English at all times. Sometimes in order to mix these classes and to benefit the students we may want to place a junior student aged 16 or 17 in a class with other students over the age of 18. If you are happy for us to place your child in a class of students over the age of 18, please confirm your permission for us to do so.

Medical Emergencies

The authority of a parent/guardian is required before emergency medical, surgical or dental treatment can be carried out in the event of a serious accident or illness. To avoid delay in arranging emergency treatment, if permission cannot, for any reason, be obtained, we recommend permission is given to ETC in advance, by declaring authority on this permission form.



Photographs or videos may be taken of the students enjoying the programme and ETC facilities. ETC reserves the right to use these photographs or video clips as part of future ETC promotional material, unless otherwise stated by the parent/guardian.


I will be making my own arrangements for my child’s accommodation and have provided the details of the accommodation on the enrolment form.


Airport transfer and door-to-door transport between the student’s accommodation and the school are included in the junior programme automatically. If you wish to make your own travel arrangements for your child, please tick the boxes below. Please note airport transfer is compulsory for junior students travelling unaccompanied by an adult.

Please note that if you do not select these services from ETC, you assume responsibility for your child’s welfare during these periods. Our airport transfer and door-to-door services are compulsory for students aged 14 and under.

If you are happy for ETC to provide transport for your child, please tick the following box

Permission to go out unsupervised (16 & 17 year olds only)

I give permission for my child to leave ETC / host family accommodation unsupervised during their free time. I have explained to my child that they must partake in all elements of their programme and must return to their host family accommodation (Students who are under 16 may not leave their accommodation without the supervision of an ETC authorised adult): 16 & 17 year old curfew: 10:00pm

Details of the Parent / Guardian for Emergency Contact

You must be the person who holds parental responsibility and are aged over 21 years.  The agent is not eligible to complete this form.