According to the British Council, every year, an estimated 600,000 international students come to the United Kingdom to improve or perfect their English language skills.  For many, the strong pound in recent years has put off some international students from studying in the UK, which is a shame because there is no substitute for getting real live experience of being taught English in the UK and all the benefits it offers.

Choosing a place to study English should not be all about what you spend.  Whilst it’s important to keep an eye on your purse strings, it is not wise to take a short term approach when deciding upon the right education, whether you’re considering a short term stay for a group of students or whether you are an international student looking for a course to prepare for university undergraduate degree programmes in the UK.

So just what do you get for your money when you choose to study at ETC International School, Bournemouth, UK?  Let’s find out:

Career Opportunities

With English being the official international language of business, it’s easy to see how a qualification gained in a UK English speaking school will significantly boost your career potential and widen your educational possibilities and subsequent earning potential.

Learning from a Native

It is widely accepted that the best way to learn a language is to be taught in the native tongue by a native speaker.  Even better if you’re in the native land!  Immerse yourself.

High Quality Teaching

Max, 17, from Hamburg, Germany, came to study English in the UK.  According to Max, “In Germany the English education system is perceived to be excellent.  It’s highly regulated with an extensive curriculum and choice, improving standards all the time and you have excellent teachers. If you have a qualification from a UK school on your CV, then it’s seen as being a really big deal. You will be looked upon favourably”.

The Cultural Experience

It’s not all about study! The friends you meet when studying in the UK will help familiarise you with the English language, adding that all important touch of fluency to your language skills and most importantly, making your experience in the UK full of fun!

Compare that with studying English but not in an English-speaking country.  The benefit of having all your social interactions based around the English language constantly improves fluency as well as your cultural experience of living and studying in the UK.  A brilliant way to learn a language is to immerse yourself in its culture.

Safety and Welfare

Accredited UK English language centres like ETC International College are regularly inspected to ensure the highest standards of teaching, accommodation, facilities and welfare. Since ETC International College is located in the sunny seaside resort of Bournemouth, this is the perfect location to get a taste of true English life.  Surrounded by beautiful countryside and a very safe environment you can ensure your stay away from home is as easy and pleasant as possible, reassuring your friends and family back home that you will be safe and supported whilst you study.