Prepare for university with our Pre-sessional courses.

Follow our pathway to university, learning the academic skills and subject knowledge you need to progress to a university course of your choice.

Pre-sessional Course

These courses have been designed to prepare students for progression onto University Undergraduate or Post Graduate Degrees in UK or overseas English Speaking Universities.  At the end of the course, students should be able to understand and apply knowledge effectively in a range of academic study skills according to their level.

Students are encouraged to apply any former knowledge and experience they might have as they work through course material. Course handouts will be supplemented with material from other sources, including Business literature and video materials.

The course is based on the ETC standard EAP Pre-sessional course and Education Industry Level 5 and 6 guidelines for Research modules as well as level 4/5 academic module input.

Reading: Research Methodology, Identifying structure, decoding techniques, gist, skimming, scanning techniques, text comprehension, referencing etc.

Writing: Assignment structure, plans, understanding topic, writing introductions, aims, definitions, thesis statements, references, topic sentences, developing arguments, concluding sentences encoding techniques etc.

Listening: Lecture preparation, predicting content, visualisation, personalisation, register, range, context, gap fill, note taking etc.

Speaking: Preparing seminars, voice projection, phonemes, fluency, stress, intonation, structuring individual and group presentations, slide preparation, reading from notes asking questions, working in teams etc.

All courses will be assessed on internally verified assignments with unit, pass, merit or distinction certification.  All assignment briefs are written in line with the college’s fair assessment policy and are internally verified prior to distribution to students.

Assignments will typically comprise a case study or scenario where students have to solve a problem according to an established set of Business criteria, which will involve doing research and applying theory in the form of a submitted report, presentation or other form of assessment.


During all courses, students will complete a project of varying length and complexity, involving a research strategy, extrapolation of data, analysis and a final report/presentation.

Our pre-sessional courses are 21 hours (28 lessons) per week.  Each lesson is 45 minutes.

These are sample timetables and are subject to change.

8:45 –
Business EnvironmentBusiness EnvironmentBusiness EnvironmentBusiness EnvironmentOptional Credit Unit
10:45 – 12:15Introduction to MarketingIntroduction to MarketingIntroduction to MarketingIntroduction to MarketingOptional Credit Unit
13:15 – 14:00English for Academic PurposesEnglish for Academic PurposesEnglish for Academic PurposesEnglish for Academic PurposesPersonal Study
14:00 – 14:45English for Academic PurposesEnglish for Academic PurposesEnglish for Academic PurposesEnglish for Academic PurposesPersonal Study
15:15 – 16:45 Personal Study Personal StudyAcademic Tutorial:15 minutes per student Personal Study Personal Study
Students studying 24 weeks on our specialist courses will receive a Diploma.

Pre-sessional CoursesHours Per WeekLessons Per Week12 Week Course24 Week Course36 Week Course
Higher Pre-sessional2128£6600

For Students studying 4 weeks, IELTS 5.5 is required.
For students studying 8 weeks, IELTS 5 is required.
For students studying 12 weeks, IELTS 4.5 is required.

Our courses run in 12 week terms.  The Pre-sessional has 4 start dates throughout the year:

3rd March19th June 2015
22nd June 201511th September 2015
14th September 20154th December 2015

ETC’s University Counsellor Services

When you study on the ETC Business UFP you will be assigned to our University Counsellor.  They will help you to:
Find the university of your choice
Find the university of your choice
Write your personal statement
Write your personal statement
Get letters of recommendation
Get letters of recommendation
Complete your university application
Complete your university application
Find out about extra curricular activities
Find out about extra curricular activities

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