We know that when you book your place with ETC International College, accommodation is a key thing to consider.  Often it’s the practical issues that make the difference between having a good time and an amazing time when you study abroad.  We want you to feel comfortable and ‘at home’.  Student welfare and happiness is of great importance to ETC.  What’s right for one student will not always be the same for another.

In this article we explore the different accommodation options to help you make an informed choice.

What are Homestays?

A homestay is where you stay and live with a local person/family in their home.  This is an affordable option that gets you familiar with the local culture and offers home comforts.  All families and accommodation have been checked in advance to ensure they are suitable for an enjoyable and comfortable stay.

Benefits of living with a Homestay

Experiencing another culture is all about meeting people. When you stay at home with a family, you will feel ‘at home’ in their home.  You will have a cultural experience through speaking with them in English.  This will help you to practice your English communication skills when out of the classroom, really making the most of your time in England.

At ETC we try our best to find the perfect family to suit your needs.  What’s right for one student will not always be the same for another, which is why we ask you for your preferences when you enrol.  Would like a family with pets, children or no-smoking?  Halal meals or other dietary requirements?  Let us know so we can make your stay with us as comfortable as possible.

Homestays are not only suitable for outgoing personalities: they are a great way to meet people regardless of your personality. In fact, the shyer you are, the more you might benefit from having the support of a family around you.  Your host family will show you what it’s really like to live in Bournemouth.  Homestays also provide a quality experience that you won’t forget.  You may even make friends for life and continue to keep in touch long after you’ve left their home.

ETC Residence

Another great option is to stay in our residence next to the language school.  The ETC Residence is where other students of the language school live.  You will meet people from all over the world and make friends.  This is a very sociable option and will encourage you to meet people in the same situation as you.

You will have the opportunity to do activities together and will be very close to school, town and the beach.  You will never be short of a friend.  This accommodation option is purpose built for students of ETC.

Special Residence Prices

We currently have an offer on our residence.  This offer is valid for all students aged 18+ studying until 30th April 2016.  You can choose to have accommodation with or without meals included.
View our ETC Residence Winter Promotion
Without Meals

Shared rooms: £90 (normally £105) per week.
Single rooms: £120 (normally £140) per week.

Sharing a room can be a fun experience and make sure you always have a friend close by.

With Meals Included

Shared rooms: £130 (normally £170) per week
Single rooms: £160 (normally £205) per week

Book early to secure your room as space is limited (only 3 single rooms available).

Good luck in choosing the right accommodation type for you.

If you would like further help in choosing your accommodation, our advisors will be happy to help.  Contact us for more information.