Age Requirements

  • The minimum age for individual students from September to May is 16.
  • The minimum age for individual students from June to August is 12.
  • Students aged 16 & 17 may study in an adult General English class at any time of the year with permission from their parents.
  • The maximum duration a student aged 15 and under may stay in an ETC Homestay is 26 nights (unless a suitable foster family can be found).
  • Individual students aged 15 and under in the summer must book a Junior Programme.
  • Individual students aged 12 to 15 in the summer must book a Junior Programme if they wish to stay in the Junior Residence.
  • Next of kin details must be received for all students aged 17 and under prior to document issue.
  • Signed parental permission forms (signed by the parent) must be received for all students aged 17 and under prior to document issue.
  • Students aged 16 and 17 who are booked onto an adult course programme MUST follow junior policies and procedures, including curfew times.


Students must have a course book in order to enter class.

Students studying for 3 weeks or less may borrow books for a small charge.
Students studying for 4 or more weeks must buy their books.
Books cost approximately £60 for standard courses and £90 for intensive and special purposes courses.  Book are available at the ETC Library.

Please Note

All lessons are 45 minutes long. ETC specifies a maximum class size of 16, however, where classrooms permit and are suitably equipped, lit, heated and ventilated, we reserve the right to use these rooms to their maximum capacity.  No classes will exceed 18 students. Classes may be in the mornings or the afternoons during busy periods.

Students following a Standard General English course (20 lessons per week) may have morning or afternoon lessons. Classes are normally run in the mornings from 8:45am to 12.05pm, but we cannot guarantee this timetable. During the busy summer months, students may have lessons in the afternoons.

Students who require a student visa must complete at least 15 hours of study per week (i.e. 20 lessons per week).

Term Dates

Course Dates
(Please note that one level normally runs for 12 weeks.  Beginners must start on our term start dates).
Term Dates
General English Courses: students can start on any Monday (beginners must start on our term start dates).

UFP and Pre-sessional: students must start on one of our term start dates.

Specialist Courses: students can start on any Monday of their choice (please see below for Bank holiday dates when ETC will be closed).

Exam Preparation Courses: students should start at the beginning of the term to fully benefit from the course.

17/09/2018 – 21/12/2018
07/01/2019 – 29/03/2019
01/04/2019 – 21/06/2019
24/06/2019 – 13/09/2019
Please contact ETC to confirm course or exam dates before booking your return flights or holidays.  Please let us know if you are a beginner (A1) or advanced (C2), as these levels may require special attention.  Cambridge Exam Preparation courses that start in December include a 2 week Christmas holiday; ETC will be closed at that time.
Course Dates
(Please note that one level normally runs for 12 weeks.  Beginners must start on our term start dates).
Term Dates
(ETC will be closed for 2 weeks).
22nd December 2018 – 7th January 2019
Bank Holidays
(ETC is closed on these days.  No compensation, fee reductions, refunds, credit, additional lessons or extension of the course can be given for these days).

General English Courses / IELTS Exam Preparation

Please note: Short courses between 17th June and 19th July 2019 attract a £20 per week summer supplement. Courses over 3 weeks do not incur this fee.
English Language CoursesHours per weekLessons per week1-23 weeks24+ weeksSummer Short Courses
(17th June – 19th July)
1-3 weeks
Standard1520£180 / week£170 / week£200 / week
Intensive1824£200 / week£190 / week£220 / week
Super Intensive2128£220/ week£210 / week£240 / week
Full Immersion3040£300 / week£290 / week£320 / week
English Language with E-Learning22.530£300 / week£290 / week£320 / week
English for Academic Purposes22.530£295 / week£285 / week£315 / week
One – to – One Courses£50 per 45 minute lesson

Please note IELTS courses include 15 hours per week of exam preparation. Intensive options include 15 hours per week of IELTS, plus General English communication skills lessons.

Extended Courses

2 lessons per week are dedicated to extra writing practice.
Students must complete at least 12 weeks to receive a Diploma.
Extended CoursesHours per weekLessons per week12 week course24 week course
Diploma Intensive Course2128£2340£4680
Diploma Super Intensive Course with IELTS2736£3540£7080

Exam Preparation Courses

The super intensive exam preparation courses include 15 hours p/w of exam preparation, plus additional hours of General English communication skills.
Exam Preparation CoursesHours per weekLessons per weekPrice per week10 week course12 week course
B2 First Exam Preparation
Leading to Cambridge B2 First Exam: £150
2128£300 / week£3,000 / week£3,600 / week
C1 Advanced Exam Preparation
Leading to Cambridge C1 Advanced Exam: £155
2128£300 / week£3,000 / week£3,600 / week
Trinity SELT Exam Preparation2128£300 / week£3,000 / week£3,600 / week

Exam Fees

We can help you to book your exam in a nearby centre, subject to availability.
Cambridge BULATS (per module)£60
Cambridge KET£100
Cambridge PET£105
Cambridge C1 Advanced (PB/CB)£155
Cambridge B2 First (PB/CB)£150
BEC Preliminary£110
BEC Vantage£140
TOLES£110 – £150
BEC Higher£155
LCCI EB Business Practice£135
Trinity GESE Exam£150
Trinity SELTOn Request
Trinity College ISE£150
PB = Paper Based
CB = Computer Based

Prices do not include delivery of exam certificate. Please collect your certificate from ETC if possible. Delivery charges may apply if postage is required.

Please note exam dates are set by Cambridge and they cannot be changed by us.  You will need to register for the exam by the deadline date so please book in advance.  Please contact ETC to confirm course and exam dates before booking your return flights or holidays.  Some exams may take place after the end of the exam preparation course.  Cambridge exam courses that start in December include a 2 week Christmas holiday.  ETC will be closed at that time.

Specialist Courses

Students studying 24 weeks on our combination courses will receive a Diploma in the specific subject.
For all combination courses, students must be over the age of 18 and have an intermediate level of English.  You can take our online test to assess your current level of English.
Specialist CoursesHours Per WeekLessons Per Week1-23 Weeks24+ Weeks
Business English22.5 hours in total p/w
Students will have
15 hours of General English
Monday – Friday
7.5 hours of specialist tuition
Monday – Thursday
30 lessons in total p/w
Students will have
20 lessons of General English
Monday – Friday
10 lessons of specialist tuition
Monday – Thursday
£300 per week£290 per week
Medical English
Legal English
Tourism English
Military English
Aviation English
English for Engineering
Business Studies£3300
12 week course
24 week course
Marketing and PR Management
Human Resources Management
Tourism and Hospitality Management
ETC can provide other specialist courses based on the same structure on request.  For example:

  • English for Finance
  • English plus Aromatherapy
  • Engineering English

If you have a specific enquiry, please check with ETC for availability before booking.

University Foundation Programme

Gain the language, academic skills and subject knowledge to prepare you for a Business course at university.
University Foundation ProgrammeHours per weekLessons per week12 weeks24 weeks36 weeks48 weeks
University Foundation Programme (Business)22.530—–£9,696£14,544£19,392
University Foundation Programme (Technology)22.530—–£9,696£14,544—–
University Foundation Programme (Media and Arts)22.530—–£9,696£14,544—–

Teacher Training Courses

All teacher training courses are delivered by Athena Teacher Training.
Teacher Training CoursesCourse StructurePriceExam FeeTotal
Trinity CertTESOL Course4 week course£1,074£175£1,249
Trinity DipTESOL Course7 month course (part time)
2 evenings + 1 Saturday per month

English Plus Courses

ETC offers a range of Leisure Courses to add onto a Standard General English Course. Each Leisure
Course includes 5 hours per week of leisure activity. Prices shown are the cost of the leisure activity only. Please add £180 per week for the Standard General English component.
Prices do not include transport to leisure venues.
English Plus Courses1-23 weeks
English + Tennis£245 / week
English + Dance£245 / week
English + Photography£245 / week
English + Alternative Therapies£245 / week
English + Golf£300 / week

Homestay Fees

Homestay Accommodation
(Subject to availability)
Low Season (2nd September 2017 – 3rd June 2018)High Season (1st June 2019 – 1st September 2019)
Booking Fee (one off fee)£40£40
Adult Single£125£160
Single (16 & 17 year olds)£125£180
During the high season a single room for single room for 16 & 17 year olds is higher due to demand and the extra care our young adults require. These rooms are limited and are offered subject to availability on a firt come, first served basis.
Twin (only available for pre-arranged pairs)£115£145
Executive En-Suite£245£260
Luggage holding fee per week£35£35
Dietary Requirements Fee
(Including Vegetarian and Gluten Free options
Christmas Supplement(for students staying over the Christmas holidays: 23/12/18 – 05/01/19)£50

ETC Residence Fees

ETC Residential Accommodation
(Subject to availability)
Adult Low Season
(2nd September 2018 – 1st June 2019)
High Season
(1st June 2019 – 7th July 2019
18th August – 1st September 2019)
Shared room
(twin, triple, quadruple)
Twin room with single occupancy£220£250
Single room
(only 3 available)
To include breakfast+ £20+ £20
Dietary requirements
(Including vegetarian and gluten free options)
+ £10+£10
(7th July – 18th August 2019)
During this period the ETC Residence will be allocated to junior students aged 12 – 17.
Please see our junior fees for package prices.
Our Adult Summer Residence will be available for our students aged 18+