Our Staff

Student welfare is of paramount importance to us.

We want you to enjoy your time with us as much as possible. We have a great team of friendly staff to welcome you and help you if you need it. We have policies and procedures in place for our staff to help you in the best way possible.
First Aid

First Aiders

We have a team of first aid trained members of staff at ETC so there will always be someone to help you if you have a physical injury. If you or someone else has an injury, you can find help from one of our trained first aiders. The first aiders are listed above. There are also first aiders in the Residences that we use.
Safreguarding Officer

Safeguarding Officers

Our safeguarding officers are available to talk to if you have a problem. No problem is too small and all conversations are confidential. If you need someone to talk to about any issue you may have, contact one of our safeguarding officers with the symbol.


Kambiz Parandian
Kambiz ParandianDirector
David Jones
David JonesPrincipal




Simon Williams
Simon WilliamsAdmissions Manager
Liz Zienkovicz
Liz ZienkoviczOffice Manager
Ana Ordonez
Ana OrdonezFinance Officer
Paula Milan
Paula MilanFinance Officer


Ed Mitton
Ed MittonBusiness Development Director
Ross Elliott
Ross ElliottBusiness Manager
Hannah Wright
Hannah WrightMarketing Assistant
Mike White
Mike WhiteMarketing Assistant

Residence Accommodation

We have an on-site residence located next to the school for our English students.  The Residence Reception is open from 6am – midnight, daily and in the summer we have full-time live-in staff and CCTV to ensure the safety of our junior students.

Homestay Accommodation

We can arrange friendly homestay accommodation around the local area.  Our staff are on hand to ensure our families are checked and well-maintained regularly.
Virginia Parandian
Virginia ParandianResidence Director
Korielys Kohler
Korielys KohlerResidence Manager
Wendoly Gonzalez
Wendoly GonzalezAccommodation Manager
Julie Hugo
Julie HugoHomestay Inspector

Operations and Facilities

Diyaa Maksousa
Diyaa MaksousaOperations and Facilities Manager
Eneias Pereira
Eneias PereiraCafeteria Chef

Academic Staff

ETC takes great care in selecting teachers that we think will bring the best out of our students.  Our staff are overseen by our professional development team, who provide on-going training for our teachers.

We strive to ensure that the highest quality of tuition is maintained at ETC and hold regular ‘Professional Development Sessions.’  Teachers are encouraged to fine-tune their knowledge of structural and functional language and stay up to date with the latest trends in methodology.  We can guarantee they will continue to show sound knowledge of the linguistic systems of English as a global language.

Tina Musson
Tina MussonDirector of Studies
Fabio Ceccolini
Fabio CeccoliniSenior Teacher, Chief Exams Officer & ESP Courses Co-ordinator
John Kay
John KayTraining Development Director
Hazel Valvona
Hazel ValvonaSenior Teacher & Teacher Trainer
Nathan Bellamy
Nathan BellamyAcademic Information and Attendance Officer
Joe Gillespie
Joe GillespieBusiness Courses Leader
Christine Le Poidevin
Christine Le PoidevinSenior Teacher & Teacher Trainer
Debbie Wilson
Debbie WilsonTeacher & Teacher Trainer
Helen Rouse
Helen RouseTeacher & Junior Courses Co-ordinator
Sarah Vivian
Sarah VivianUniversity Counsellor & Teacher
Matilda Dick
Matilda DickTeacher
Sylwia Beams
Sylwia BeamsTeacher
Penny Stanley
Penny StanleyTeacher
Everton Simoes
Everton SimoesTeacher
Graeme Westgate
Graeme WestgateTeacher
Patsy Pett
Patsy PettTeacher
Helen Dendle
Helen DendleTeacher
Paul Russell
Paul RussellTeacher
Dan Robinson
Dan RobinsonTeacher
Philip Rees
Philip ReesTeacher
Oliver Monkton
Oliver MonktonTeacher
Tony Sullivan
Tony SullivanTeacher
Harriet Hewitt
Harriet HewittTeacher
Juliana Jones
Juliana JonesTeacher