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Dates and Fees

Valid from September 2013, until further notice.

Enrolment fee (non- refundable), payable once only: £100 per person.

Students must buy a coursebook and workbook for each course.  They may buy these at the ETC library or from a local bookshop / online, but they must have a coursebook in order to enter class. 
Standard course coursebook and workbook fee for 1 term / course: £45 
Intensive course coursebook and workbook fee for 1 term / course: £65

Students who require a student visa must complete at least 15 hours of study per week (ie. 20 lessons per week).
Please note: one lesson is 45 mins. Maximum class size is normally 14 students (although the maximum can rise to 18 students in the busy summer months of June, July and August) and the minimum age for all Adult Courses is normally 18.  (Students aged 16 can study in adult+ classes with the written permission of their parents or guardians - please see the Junior Enrolment form).

Please note that students following a Standard General English course (ie. 20 lessons per week) may have morning or afternoon lessons. Classes are normally run in the mornings from 09.00 hrs to 12.30 hrs, but we cannot guarantee this timetable, especially during busy summer months when students may also be placed in afternoon classes.

English Language Courses


1 – 23


Standard General English
(15hrs - 20 lessons)

£150 / week

£140 / week

Intensive General English
(21hrs - 28 lessons)

£170 / week

£160 / week


Super Intensive
Language Consolidation  

(27hrs - 36 lessons)

£250 / week

£250 / week


Diploma Courses


12 week


24 week


Intensive Certificate Course
(22.5hrs - 30 lessons)



Intensive Diploma Course
(22.5hrs - 30 lessons)





Exam Preparation Courses

IELTS Preparation Courses
Leading to IELTS Exam: £150

£150 / week

£1800 (standard - 12 weeks)
£2040 (intensive - 12 weeks)

FCE Preparation Courses
Leading to Cambridge FCE Exam: £125

£150 / week

£1800 (standard - 12 weeks)
£2040 (intensive - 12 weeks)

CAE Preparation Courses
Leading to Cambridge CAE Exam: £125

£150 / week

£1800 (standard - 12 weeks)
£2040 (intensive - 12 weeks)

One - to - one Courses
Each 45 minutes lesson costs £50


£500 (10 lessons - 1 week)
£1000 (20 lessons - 1 week)


Combination Courses

20 lessons of General English + 10 lessons of specific English per week


1- 23 weeks 24+ weeks

Business English

£265 / week £255 / week

Medical English

£265 / week £255 / week

Legal English

£265 / week £255 / week
Tourism English £265 / week £255 / week
Military English £265 / week £255 / week

Aviation English

£265 / week £255 / week

TOEIC Exam Preparation

£265 / week £255 / week


Junior Programme

This programme is designed for students aged 14 - 17.

1 – 3

Junior Host Family Programme
(Available from 1/6/2014 until 30/8/2014)

£450 / week

Junior Residence Programme
(Available from 6/7/2014 until 3/8/2014)

£500 / week

Additional fees payable for Junior programme are: £100 including enrolment pack and book fee.  Airport transfer fee (from £250 return London Heathrow airport - Bournemouth - London Heathrow airport).
Please refer to the Junior Programme course description page for information on what is included in these courses.  Please enrol using the Junior Enrolment Form.

Teacher Training Courses


2 Week Course

4 Week Course

Trinity Cert TESOL Courses



Cambridge TKT Courses
(Incorporating English Language)



Continued Development Courses
(Incorporating English Language)

£399 £799


Dates and Exam Fees

Valid from September 2013, until further notice.

Course Date

Please note that one level normally runs for 12 weeks. Beginners must be start on these dates.

  Dates in 2013 Dates in 2014
Standard Courses (Gen English, Business English, IELTS, etc)
Beginners must start on these start dates.
16th September 2013 – 6th December 2013 6th January 2014 - 28th March 2014
31st March 2014 – 20th June 2014
23rd June 2014 – 12th September 2014*
15th September 2014 – 19th December 2014
Cambridge FCE / CAE
Exam Preparation Courses

Full 12-week course.

16th September 2013 – 6th December 2013

6th January 2014 - 28th March 2014
31st March 2014 – 20th June 2014
23rd June 2014 – 12th September 2014*
15th September 2014 – 19th December 2014

Teacher Training Courses

Our teacher training courses are fully customisable and we pride ourselves on being able to listen to your requirements and build a course that will give you the scope to continue developing your classroom technique whilst taking a few new ideas home with you.
Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

* Please note morning classes cannot be guaranteed, especially during the busy summer months and students may be placed in afternoon lessons where necessary.


Exam Fees

  • IELTS: £150
  • Cambridge BULATS: £60
  • Cambridge KET: £80
  • Cambridge PET: £85
  • Online Cambridge CAE: £125
  • Online Cambridge FCE: £125
  • Cambridge FCE: £125
  • Cambridge CAE: £125
  • BEC Preliminary: £90
  • BEC Vantage: £120
  • BEC Higher: £135
  • LCCI EB Business Practice: £100
  • TOEIC (complete): £180
  • TOEIC Listening and Reading: £85
  • Trinity College Speaking Exams: From £80
  • ILEC: £160

Please contact ETC for firm course and exam dates before booking your return flights or holidays after your course because some exams may take place after the end of the exam preparation course. Please note that Cambridge exam courses that start in December include 2 weeks' Christmas holiday, ETC will be closed for the Christmas / New Year holiday each year.

Christmas and New Year Holidays
21st December, 2013 – 5th January, 2014 (inclusive).
20th December, 2014 - 4th January, 2015 (inclusive).

Holidays 2013
18th April, 2014 • 21st April, 2014 • 5th May, 2014 • 26th May, 2014 • 25th August, 2014.


Exam Certificates

Students who require replacement certificates for any reason can contact ETC.  There is an admin fee of £30 to replace a lost certificate.


Airport Transfer (one way)

  • London Heathrow Airport: £140
  • London Gatwick Airport: £150
  • Luton Airport: £190
  • Stansted Airport: £200
  • Bournemouth Airport: £45
  • Southampton Airport: £80
  • London Central: £200

Clients will be picked up from the airport and taken directly to their accommodation.

Waiting charges: after the first hour, you will be charged £25 per hour for any delays. This is a waiting charge to cover the cost of parking and the driver's time.


Accommodation Fees


ETC Student Residence

The residence is located on West Hill Road, right next door to ETC and it is literally a 30 second walk from the Residence to the College!  It is also just minutes away from the beach, shops, restaurants and the town centre pedestrian area.

Students who choose to stay here benefit from not needing to pay for any transport around Bournemouth. The residence has capacity for about 60 people in a mixture of twin and triple rooms and is furnished with brand new furniture and beds.

There is a member of staff on duty at all times and we offer wireless internet in all rooms. There are also study rooms for those who want peace and quiet to work in.

This kind of accommodation is only suitable for responsible, independent adult clients (aged 18 and above). Bookings should be made as early as possible.

The rooms are regularly checked by a member of staff and are cleaned every week. A laundry service wash is available at £7.

Each bedroom is equipped with the following: 

  • Wardrobe
  • Pillow and duvet
  • Chest of drawers
  • Radiator (gas-fired central heating)
  • En-suite facilities (shower, washbasin, toilet)
  • Wireless internet.
  • Optional bed linen pack and towel pack.


ETC Residence Accommodation fees (subject to availability)


All residential accommodation is provided on a room-only basis, although a Half-Board option (continental breakfast and evening meal) can be provided at an additional £55 per week.  Bed linen and toilet rolls are provided.  Towels can be purchased at the Residence - the prices are shown below.



Book 5 or more weeks and get

£5 per week off your room price!

Low Season
1st September, 2013

until 31st May, 2014


Adult Summer

1st June - 5th July

& 4th - 30th August 2014

6th July - 3rd August

Shared Room (Twin, triple or quadruple)



During this period the ETC Residence

Twin room with single occupancy



 will be allocated to junior students aged 14-17.

Single room (only 3 available) £130 £160 Please see our junior fees for package prices.

A £15 key deposit is required.

Credit card authorisation is required on arrival to act as a deposit.  If no credit card is available, an alternative may be requested.  

A £20 per week supplement is payable on all special dietary requirements in all accommodation booked by ETC.

A £55 per week supplement is payable for half-board accommodation (ie. provision of a continental breakfast and an evening meal each day).


Additional costs for ETC Residence Accommodation

Guests / students must buy the following items:

Towel set (1 bath towel and 1 hand towel): £15 per set.

Mini fridges can be rented at £20 per fridge per month.

Important notes about ETC Residence Accommodation

The rooms are cleaned once a week.

Please note that washing towels and bed linen (as well as clothing) is the responsibility of the guest / student. A laundry facility is available at a cost of £7 per load of washing.

The management of the ETC Residence reserves the right to request that a client leave the residence - with no refund payable - if he or she has failed to respect the residence rules.


Dorchester House - Adult summer residence


Available 6th July - 23rd August 2014.


During the summer the ETC residence next to the school will be available for junior students aged 14 - 17 only from 6th July - 3rd August 2014.  From 6th July - 24th August we have a stylish, newly constructed residence available for students over the age of 18.  


The adult residence, Dorchester House, consists of apartments with 6 to 8 bedrooms per apartment, making it a great place to meet people of a similar age.

All rooms are single rooms with a private bathroom and a shared kitchen and lounge. The rooms are self-catered and the residence is situated just 15 minutes by bus from ETC; the 2a and 2b buses stop right outside ETC.  Being situated opposite the travel interchange, students have direct access to local and national travel routes.


This residence is £150 per week, self-catered.


Please download more information here or contact us.


ETC Host families

All accommodation is available from Sunday to Saturday (inclusive). Executive host family accommodation includes single room accommodation with en-suite facilities, use of IT facilities and access to the internet.

Single rooms are available in either "Homestay Accommodation" or "Private Home Accommodation".

Private Home Accommodation is accommodation in a private home for adults. There may be less direct contact with the host(s). Student s may be self-catering. Private home accommodation is not suitable for under-16s.

Homestay Accommodation means that hosts treat the student as a full member of the household, eating together and sharing the common living areas. No more than three adult or four junior students will be accommodated in Homestay accommodation at any one time. Twin rooms are only available for group bookings and pre-arranged pairs.

ETC can arrange host family accommodation for you if you would like to stay with a local family. Most students who come to study at ETC choose this option, because living with an English family is a great way to practise your spoken English outside the school, and a marvellous way to find out how British people live.

Whichever you choose, you will have a comfortable, clean room with a desk to study at. Accommodation is half-board during the week (bed, breakfast and evening meal) and full-board at weekends (bed, breakfast, lunch and evening meal).

Most of our families live along a convenient bus route, so that coming to ETC each day will not take too long and should not cost too much money. Above all, you can be sure that whichever of ETC's families you stay with, you will be made very welcome.

Please note that ETC does not firmly book host family accommodation until we are informed that the student has obtained a visa and full fees have been paid.



Host family accommodation fees (subject to availability)

There is a £50 per week supplement during the Christmas holiday.


Booking Fee: £20

Low Season
1st September, 2013 until 31st May, 2014

1st June, 2014 until 30th August, 2014

Single Room

£115 / week

£150 / week

Twin Room

£105 / week

£135 / week

Executive en-suite

£255 / week

£270 / week

There is a £35 per week room / luggage holding fee when students are away over the Christmas period and would like ETC to hold the room for them.  There is a £50 per week supplement payable to stay with a host family during the Christmas period.

Students must give a week's notice to cancel or change their accommodation and pay a £50 fee.

A £20 per week supplement is payable on all special dietary requirements in all accommodation booked by ETC.



Junior Programmes

Host family available from 1st June - 30th August 2014
Residence avaialble from 6th July - 3rd August 2014


Junior Host Family Package

ETC Residence Programme

(15hrs - 20 lessons)

£450 / week

£500 / week

Enrolment Pack
including book fee

£100 (payable once only)

£100 (payable once only)

Airport Transfer

From £140 one way (Heathrow)

From £140 one way (Heathrow)

Student Activities


Some of the events that we organize are provided free of charge, others you will have to pay for. Here is a sample list of some of the activities that we organise, together with the fees payable:

  • Bowling: £6 per game.
  • Swimming: £8 per session.
  • Ice-skating: £5 per session.
  • Qasar (laser game): £7 per session.
  • Paintballing: £25 per session (includes transport to the venue).

Social Activities
At ETC International College we believe social activities form a very important part of your learning programme. They provide an opportunity for you to get together and talk outside the classroom and also to meet people from outside the school. This is an invaluable part of learning English and learning about British culture. What a great way to make new friends too!

There are a lot of sports activities that ETC can offer you. These include football, tennis, volleyball, basketball, badminton, bowling, table tennis, cycling, pool, snooker and swimming.

Parties and events
We often arrange discos, barbecue parties, DVD shows and food parties. Other evening activities include trips to local cinemas, theatres and restaurants, plus karaoke nights, snooker and bowling.

Excursions are normally organised with a local travel company. One or more ETC International College group leaders will accompany each student group. There are a number of places of cultural and historical interest that students may be able to visit, including:
London • Oxford • Salisbury and Stonehenge • Swanage and Corfe Castle • Bath • Portsmouth • Christchurch • The New Forest • Purbeck and Lulworth Cove, etc.

Typical cost per full-day excursion: £30
Typical cost per half-day excursion: £25




More information

Course fees do not include insurance. Students are strongly advised to arrange insurance to cover personal possessions, money, passport, fee reimbursement, cancellation, personal liability, medical and personal injury. ETC does not arrange insurance for students.

Method of Payment
The invoice will be in Pounds Sterling. A completed enrolment form should be sent to ETC with full fees. (Please note that the enrolment fee of £100 is non-refundable). Fees are in Pounds Sterling. You must pay all bank charges.

Online: You can also pay online by credit card using our secure payment facility: visit and click on the "pay online" button. Please add 2.4% for the service when you make an online payment. There is no service charge if you pay online using your debit card.

At Reception/by telephone: If you choose to pay by credit card in ETC's Finance Department or over the telephone there is a 2.4% service charge.

Important note regarding Tier 4 courses (ie. where students apply for a GSV-type visa).
The UK visa policy guidance indicates that all Tier 4 courses must lead to an approved qualification, which in the English language sector means a Home Office approved Secure English Language Test (SELT), such as IELTS.
This means that the Home Office expects all Tier 4 students to be entered for and take such a test before the end of their course, and preferably in time for them to receive the results before the end of the course.

Therefore, ETC will automatically register all students on Tier 4 courses (ie. applying for a GSV-type visa) for the IELTS test - unless the student requests entry for another test that is on the approved list in writing and the fees for the test will be added to the student's invoice.

At the moment, the exam fee for the IELTS test are £150.  ETC reserves the right to amend this fee.



Bank details

If you would like our bank details in order to make a bank transfer to our account, please contact the Finance department by emailing:

If you fail to obtain a visa to study in the UK, ETC will keep the Enrolment fee but return any other fees you have paid, unless we have had to pay a third party. If you fail to obtain a visa, you must inform ETC in writing, return the documents that we have issued to you and send us a copy of the visa refusal documents as proof.

For full terms and conditions, please refer to the ETC Conditions of Enrolment.

Contact us

ETC International College,
22-24 West Hill Road,
BH2 5PG.

Tel: (+44 1202) 559044.
Fax: (+44 1202) 780 162.


ETC International College
English Language School
24 West Hill Road, Bournemouth, BH2 5PG
Tel.: (+44 1202) 559044 Fax: (+44 1202) 780162

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