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Teacher Training courses

Teacher TrainingAt ETC, we also provide Teacher Training courses for new and existing teachers of English through our sister company, Athena Teacher Training.  Our course leader and principal teacher trainer, John Kay, has over 25 years of Teacher Training behind him and he and his team run the following courses:

Continued Development Courses (CDC)
Our Continued Development Courses are aimed at existing teachers of English who want to brush up on their teaching skills, discuss modern methodologies, refresh their portfolio of teaching materials and invigorate their teaching performance in the classroom.  The course also covers any awkward idiomatic or colloquial English that arises.  Students on the CDC will be accomplished teachers in  their own right looking for new ideas on keeping their teaching fresh and their students inspired.

The CDC courses run for two or four weeks and cover all aspects encountered by English teachers in the classroom.  Teachers who want to brush up on their teaching skills, discuss modern methodologies, refresh their portfolio of teaching materials and invigorate their teaching performance in the classroom may be particularly interested in this course.

Course content
The most important thing about our CDC courses it that they are fully customisable.  We pride ourselves on being able to listen to your requirements and build a course that will give you the scope to continue developing your classroom technique whilst taking a few new ideas home with you.  Typical course content may include but not be restricted to the following:

  • Re-evaluation of Communicative Language Teaching and the use of complementary methodologies.
  • Which English?  The teaching of pronunciation, segmental and supra-segmental, in the 21st century.
  • Error correction, friend or foe?  When and how and if teachers can help.
  • Productive Skills – Writing.  Product or process?
  • Productive Skills – Speaking.  Keys to effective oral communication and the place of repetition and drilling in the 21stcentury.
  • Receptive Skills – Reading and Listening.  Exploiting authentic materials; developing sub-skills and utilising top-down, bottom-up and compensatory strategies.
  • Grammaticised lexis or lexicalised grammar?  Review of language concepts including structure, function and lexis.
  • Learner-Based Syllabus, VAKOG and individual learning strategies.
  • Multiple Intelligences Theory and its relevance to lesson planning.
  • ESP including teaching one-to-one, English for Business, Teenagers and Children.

Sample Timetable for the Continued development course







09.00 – 10.30

Welcome/Intro to course Pronunciation1 (Phonemic chart revision)

M1 Theory and VAKOG

Receptive skills

Productive skills

Lexis “Knowing a word”

11.00 -12.30

Language Awareness 1 Overview Tense Aspect Modality

Presenting a checking language

Course book Evaluation (Receptive)

Course book Evaluation

Error correction “Friend or Foe?”

13.30 – 15.00 Method and Methodology Pronunciation 2 Word and sentence stress Pronunciation 3 Intonation Controlled Language Practise Review of week 1, intro to week 2.


Teacher Training

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