There are many aspects to studying English abroad that you will need to think about. When choosing an English Language School it is important to consider the following:

1. British Council Accreditation
2. English UK membership
3. Dedicated, well qualified teachers
4. A lively programme of social activities including trips, sports and activities in and out of the campus. You can read more about our social opportunities and activities.

As an accredited member of English UK, ETC International is a fully accredited language teaching centre. We benefit from all the professional training updates and conferences provided by English UK. You (or your pupils) can benefit most from our new practical teaching ideas.

The Best Teaching

Our services are constantly being updated to ensure our students receive the best teaching. Our teachers are frequently trained to make sure that you learn with the best teaching methods. This ensures your chances of success are as high as possible. The rest is down to the effort you put into your course.

Robust Complaints Procedure

It is very unlikely that you would need to make a complaint. In the event that something went a little wrong, however, you also have the backing of English UK. They would provide support for you if you had cause to contact them about any services from their members. We would of course attempt to solve any issues as soon as possible. We want you to enjoy your stay with us as much as possible!

Checks on Management and Student Welfare

Our management services and student welfare services are overseen by English UK too. This en-sures that the UK remains the best destination in the world for English Language Teaching. We are backed by training and consultancy services from English UK, meaning we can achieve Accreditation UK standards. You can be sure that your chances of passing your course first time are as high as possible.

Living and Studying in the UK

Living and studying in the UK is very exciting with its mix of culture, places of historical significance and opportunities to further your career. In English UK accredited centres like ETC International College, you will find the biggest range of English language courses in the world, along with a world-wide reputation for academic excellence.

Our qualifications are recognised and valued all over the world and offer great value for money.
Some of ETC’s courses offer the chance to study and work at the same time (providing your visa allows this if applicable). This boosts your earning potential. You would also be able to practise your English skills on site at work!

Whatever course you choose to study with ETC International School, you will be safe in the knowledge that we are backed by English UK.