Become a Homestay Provider in Bournemouth

Become a Homestay Provider in Bournemouth for a foreign student

Opening up your home to become a homestay provider in Bournemouth with ETC International College is a unique, rewarding, fun and educational experience for all the family. It gives families a chance to host a language student, meet new friends and appreciate learning and sharing differences in cultures and languages.

Becoming a homestay provider in Bournemouth and welcoming an international student to your home will allow them to experience maximum immersion by living as ‘locals’. Also, hosting a foreign student gives them the opportunity to understand and experience British culture.

Join ETC International College’s Bournemouth host families today and offer our students an overwhelming experience which can change their view of the world.

Become a homestay provider in Bournemouth
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Benefits of becoming a homestay provider

It’s a great opportunity for our students to engage and experience British culture with a local family. Also, there is a chance for you as a homestay provider to learn a different culture as well as meeting new people without leaving your home. There are other fantastic benefits when hosting with ETC International College, for example:

  • Meet students of all ages from all over the world.
  • Competitive rates – earn cash from your spare room.
  • Teach students about British culture and you’ll probably learn from them too.
  • All communication is dealt with through ETC International College
  • Our staff are contactable at any time of day or night via our 24/7 emergency phone number.
  • Host juniors or adults.  You are not obliged to take every student offered; tell us your preferences and availability.

If you would like to be apart for an exciting experience and become a homestay provider in Bournemouth, click on the ‘APPLY TO BECOME A HOMESTAY PROVIDER’ button and fill in the application form. Furthermore to say, that ETC International College is one of the leading English language schools in Bournemouth.


ETC is based in Westcliffe and we accept applications for host families in most areas on a direct bus route to the town centre.  Can you provide safe, happy, comfortable accommodation for international students in the following areas?:

Town Centre    |    Charminster    |    Winton    |    Talbot Woods    |    Branksome    |    Parkstone    |    West Cliff

Ensbury Park    |    Littledown    |    East Cliff    |    Southbourne    |    Pokesdown    |    Boscombe    |    Moordown

Types of accommodation required

Executive Homestay

Executive homestay accommodation includes single room accommodation with en-suite facilities, use of IT facilities and access to the Internet.

Single and Shared Rooms

We require single and twin rooms for our international students, with the use of a shared bathroom.