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I enjoyed studying at ETC very much, especially because of the friendly atmosphere. It has also been very interesting to meet people from so many different nationalities. Highly recommendable.
Maria Schutze, Germany
ETC absolutely nice school. I’m very happy at this school , especially there are lots of good teachers in there. Thank you for everything.
Murat Akbal, Turkey
ETC is a great place for learning English with comprehensive and brilliant teachers. I definitely recommend this place!
Julien Ehrismann, France
ETC school is a friendly place, where you can learn English and meet very nice people.
David Gonzalez, Spain
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This is the second time to study English at ETC. I had two different classes last time which is two years ago, general English and Medical English. It was really good and fun so I decided to study English here again.

I had general English class for first three month then took IELTS class after that.(3 month)
Both classes are very fun, Also ETC has different activities every day after school. I’ve been to Tea Club, Knitting club, Book club and Conversation club. I was so happy to join these clubs and spent great time with my friends. There is no Japanese (only one or two sometimes), but now I have so many friends all over the world. I had really good experiences at ETC.

Ayumi Nagai, Japan

今回ETCでは6ヶ月勉強しましたが、初めの3ヶ月は一般英語、その後の3ヶ月はIELTSのコースに変更して授業を受けました。どちらのクラスもとても役に立ち、楽しく学ぶことができました。また、ETCは放課後に課外活動があり、私はそのうちのTea Club, Knitting club, book club, Conversation clubに参加しました。どこのクラブもとても充実していて、放課後の時間を友達と楽しく過ごすことができました。日本人は本当に少なかったのですが、様々な国の友達ができて、とても良い経験をすることができました。

Ayumi Nagai, Japan
Hey guys, this school is absolutely amazing.

I was a student for 2 years and half in total learning general and Business English, and IELTS course. I definitely had brilliant time, experience and achievement. Thus, I was able to study at one of the best UK university for sport (of course, I have finished my MSc as well). What I want to tell you guys is that there are not only good teachers but also fantastic atmosphere in this school.

Oh! furthermore, the reasonable price! I miss all the teachers and staff at ETC a lot. AND Bournemouth, the lovely town!

Leo Kim, South Korea
Hi everyone I would like to recommend you study English language with ETC International Collage, I have been studying here for 7 months and I improve a lot. You can find as many great teachers here that would you help you, also you can find students from many countries!! Come here and enjoy with us!!!
Natalia Correa, Colombia
This school is cheap price and there are many good teachers and students. It’s near the Bournemouth square. So it’s easy to go to pub or eat delicious food. The staffs are also so kind that you can get many helps if you need help. I recommend this school. You can enjoy british life in here.
Sinho Lee, South Korean
ETC school of English is the place where you learn English under high quality standards, find different alternatives to invest your free time and make new friends from all over the world. ETC language school offers an integral way of learning English and it keeps its promise.
Camila Vélez, Colombia
I enjoyed at school while I stayed. Students, staff and all of them are really friendly and nice. I learned so many things without studying English.

Also I enjoyed activities. Some of the place is too expensive to go myself and far, but if we join these activities, we can go great place with great friends.

I like conversation club as well.
Almost people are so nervous at first so it’s good to everyone and I made a lot of friend in this club.

We can meet different English level people in this club too so we can learn English and other culture from them.

I couldn’t speak any English when I came here, but I tried to listen carefully and started to use easy English that I knew.

Seiji Ezawa, Japan





Seiji Ezawa, Japan
La mia esperienza al ETC e stata molto positiva perche e una scuola che offre ottime opportunita per imparare l inglese e si avvale di insegnanti molto competenti che forniscono diverse e valide attivita di apprendimento che rispondono ai diversi bisogni di ciascuno.La scuola e dotata di attrezzature quali computer, aule spaziose e ben tenute,biblioteca e una caffetteria dove ci si puo incontrare per il pranzo e stare insieme agli altri studenti.
Emanuela Proto, Italy
It was a fantastic experience to spend time in ETC! I enjoyed talking with my friends from abroad, and teachers always taught us with passion. And, Bournemouth is a beautiful and peaceful town, so it is a good environment to study. My homestay was so nice. They are so lovely English family.

I would like you to have a conversation club more often and earlier. Because in my country, Japan, We students are trained to be quiet and polite in class, so it is not easy to get used the class in ETC.

Also, I really hoped to join a conversation club but I was living with in a homestay, so I couldn’t.

Mina Yunoki, Japan


Mina Yunoki, Japan
After a long trip, we are safely home. It was a wonderful experience at ETC for all my group and we want to thank you for your attention with us. The families, the classes, our guides, the trips, everything made us enjoy each moment. We had a great time together. I am very thankful to ETC Programme for providing such amazing opportunity to live in Bournemouth.

I am thankful to all teachers, especially Tina, who were always very nice to us, helping us during our stay at ETC. And thanks for showing us England.

We are also very thankful to our lovely host families for receiving us
in their family and taking care of us.

Hope to see you next year.

With love,

Agda, Colombia
I’d love to say I’m enjoying studying at E.T.C and I’m lucky to be here , I have a good teachers , They always help me lot. I am satisfied that ETC is helping me to improve my Language.

I’d like to state many thanks to all my Teachers, Receptionist, Activities staff and Librarian for helping all of the student and me .

I will recommend the ETC college to another students who looking for studying English. Really I’m happy with ETC and I’m having a lovely time in Bournemouth.

Farag Almghrby, Libya
There are many opportunities to meet people from all areas in the English language school. ETC is the best place to study English in England. The quality of teaching is excellent. The staff are very friendly and are always very willing to help with any difficulties we may be experiencing.

I will never forget the time I have spent at ETC English language school and I have thoroughly enjoyed it here.

Jin Ke Wang, China

Just next to school and it is good location. Makes friend easily and English getting better and better. Watched tv, study and make some plans for trip with friend. It was bit noisy when I lives ground floor. Cant use kitchen in residence.

Food is good. Toast, drinks, fruit, cereal for breakfast and warm meal for dinner.

Washing is bit expensive for me in residence so I used outside one around school.

Anon, Japan



Anon, Japan