About ETC International College

ETC is accredited by the British Council for teaching English as a foreign language.

We aim to encourage effective learning in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere.

ETC International College

We are a specialist language school, established in 1989, that provides:

Access and Participation in Higher Education

We have recently added higher education courses to our repertoire in order to give international students access to higher education with the language support they need to succeed.  To find more about our aims in access and participation please view our Access and Participation Statement.

What you can expect

We encourage our students to make the most of their stay with us, both inside and outside of the classroom.  With excellent teaching, a wide range of activities on offer and a choice of accommodation you can immerse yourself in England and learn English using the culture around you.

ETC has a range of services to help you enjoy your stay with us:


High quality courses tailored to your needs.
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Our teachers are trained regularly
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Accredited and inspected by the British Council
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Your welfare is our priority.
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To help you learn in and outside of the classroom.
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We have a residence right next to the school!
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Visit some beautiful places around the UK.
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We are 2 minutes from the beach!
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Learn with students from around the world.
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Experience British culture first hand.
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Our History

ETC is a family-run language school that was founded in 1989. We have been operating successfully in Bournemouth since that time, though not always on the same site. The Directors took the decision to move to a purpose-built school in West Hill Road in order to allow for expansion.

The school now benefits from quieter surroundings, more than four times the number of classrooms (Over 35 instead of 7), a library, a café, student lounge, on-site residence and enough space to organise social activities on site.

ETC Campus

ETC is situated on West Hill Road, in Bournemouth.  We have 4 main buildings, which include classrooms and our ETC Residence.  We also have an on-site cafeteria and courtyard, where we are able to offer a variety of activities. There is limited disabled access around ETC International College premises.

Your Teachers

All of the teachers have been selected for their high standard of classroom management skills and knowledge of teaching and training techniques. You will find the teachers friendly but efficient, and capable of responding to your particular learning requirements. Throughout your course, your teacher will be a supportive, understanding guide to the learning process who will monitor your progress and create opportunities for practice in a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere.

Read more about your teachers and effective teaching
Our academic systems – Learner Portfolios and the CEFR

ETC Staff

We have a team of friendly staff on hand to help you throughout your time with us. You can see a selection of our staff members by clicking here.